Limited edition, Multi-layered etchings 
by contemporary printmaker, Kate Piekutowski.

All artworks are original and limited edition using steel or copper metal plates. The process of etching is complex and dates back to 15th century Germany. The traditional process uses a waxy ground surface which is resistant to acid. The design is then drawn onto the surface using a needle point tool that ultimately exposes the metal beneath. The etching plate is then dipped into an acid bath and the acid 'bites' the etching plate where the exposed lines have been drawn. The remaining ground is then removed from the plate and leaving behind an etched surface. The plate is then inked up by hand and put through a high pressure printing press to reveal an impression on thick, fibrous paper.

Each etching can vary in style and technique. Depending on the piece, I use a number of materials including gouache, watercolours, gold leaf, pigments, Japanese inks, spray paint and gloss varnish. Most of my etchings are considered a Unique State ( U/S ) and limited edition because each etching in an edition can vary slightly in background colour, plate tone and painted elements. I am a little different to a traditional printmaking - I consider myself a contemporary printmaker, taking a traditional technique and modernising it.

Each artwork is for sale unless stated. Some of my artworks can be purchased immediately. If you click on an image, it may direct you to my shop where you can purchase a print immediately. Some of my etchings, particularly the larger pieces are only made to order due to the extensive process and layering. Depending on what's in stock in the studio, please allow 3-6 weeks for printing and framing.
Please contact for inquiries.

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