An Interview with Artisan Store, Brisbane.

I am excited to share with you a short interview with Artisan Store in Brisbane. This stunning store and gallery is one of the most beautiful spaces I have been able to participate in. I currently stock my homewares and wearables. I thought I would share this interview because I feel like they are fun short answers to explain my artwork and my practice.

What is your preferred title (e.g. Artist, Maker, Jeweller, Textile Artist etc.)?

I consider myself a printmaker and textile designer.

What medium/s do you work with?

My main medium is multi-layered etchings. I also make all the jewellery which is made out of printed aluminium and the tea towels. I design all my fabrics and try and source locally and within Australia as much as possible.

How do you describe you work?

My work is whimsical and explores my connection to home. I have a Polish heritage so I am always dreaming of my homeland and travel. My etchings reflect on many artist residencies I have done around the world. More recently I have been exploring my Australian background, using nature to inspire me.

How did you develop your skills (education and training)?

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Masters of Fine Art majoring in Printmaking. I later did a diploma in jewellery design. Both these techniques use metal as their foundation, creating a nice marriage between the two for my practice.

How long have you been practicing?

I have been practicing my etching for nearly 10 years. I have been doing my homewares and wearables for around the last 5 years.

Why do you create? Tell us about your journey, and what motivates you to create your work?

I don’t want this to sound too woo-woo, but my work is really motivated by my own heart and my emotions. When I was studying my Masters, I was exploring memory and genetics and I became fascinated that maybe our memories are passed on through each generation. I believe that my work speaks of the past and my family is what also really motivates me.

Where do you create? Tell us a little about your studio space/practice.

I currently work from home. I have two studio spaces, one upstairs and one downstairs. I used to work in a lovely studio in Melbourne but my partner and I recently moved to Brisbane and I have found a great work/life balance.

What is the inspiration behind your current work? What themes do you work with?

Currently I have become obsessed with botanicals and Australia flora. I am interested in the connection between place and identity so I often use a figure as the vessel within my practice. Currently I am working on a series called ‘Plant People’ where all the etchings will be figures wearing plants or animals in a very sweet and whimsical way.

Share something of interest about your life or work that may not be obvious.

I am obsessed with tiny houses and miniature architecture. If I see a teapot that is in the shape of a house or something cute with architecture I lose the plot!

Share any awards you have received, milestones, collaborations or collections your work has been included in.

I am nearly 30 and have participated in over 50 exhibitions around the world!

If you are interested in visiting this stunning store and gallery you can find them at:

Artisan Store

45 King Street

Bowen Hills


You will be sure to find gorgeous arts and crafts here!

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