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Styling your home can be a challenge at the best of times - with fashion, style and colour palettes constantly changing, it can be hard to find a look that will age gracefully over time. Often us artists don't think about the style and colours of a room, matching the frame moulding to the dining table or bed frame, or finding a similar theme such as plants, people, architecture etc. However, I have been a practicing artist for over ten years now and have learnt that my clients can often need assistance with colours, themes and decor. To be honest, I find this such an honour to be able to help as I love working with different colour palettes and design. I truly believe finding the right piece of art for your home is important because it becomes a part of your journey, your story.

If you have an idea in mind, or a concept that you would like to be made as a commission please get in touch. You can email me at

How to decide on what artwork to purchase?

It can be tough deciding what kind of artwork to purchase. This often depends on taste and style and more importantly budget. I offer a range of art as well as wearable art and limited edition homewares.

Original etchings vs art prints (giclee prints)

You may be wondering why I offer original etchings and digital prints... There is a distinct difference between my original etchings and my digital prints. My etchings are the original artworks that have been etched onto steel or copper plates. This is a long process of engraving and using acid to create the design and then printed through an etching press. Each etching varies as the plate tone can be different with each edition and hand painted. I use high quality inks and use stunning acrylics, gouaches, water colours and gold leaf to hand paint the etchings. These original etchings hold value as an artwork in their own right. They are a much higher price point as they are the original artwork. They don't really compare to digital prints. The value of my etchings has been increasing every year and are an investment.

On the other hand, my Giclée prints which come only in a small A4 size are based on original artworks but are also heavily edited, photoshopped and manipulated. These beautiful digital prints provide an affordable alternative for my clients and are a great first step into buying art for your home or business. They are much lower in price and can make fantastic gifts as well as affordable art for an Air bnb. These prints are printed on archival paper with archival ink and have a guaranteed lifespan of 80 years.

I have a number of options on my website gallery and shop for original art, homewares and wearable art. Below you can see different styles to suit different rooms and colours. If you would like any help or assistance with choosing the right artwork for you please get in touch!

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