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It's been an exciting last couple weeks with my exhibition opening in Launceston at Gallery Pejean! I have been so pleased with this body of work and how refined each etching has been. I realise my technique has improved so much with each printed edition. I find I am still learning in my practice, always working on how to improve plate tone, ink combinations and the printing pressure. Every etching has been delicately hand-painted using gouache, acrylic, water colours, gold leaf and gloss varnish. Although I have reduced my sizing, this body of work I think speaks for itself. It is much more intimate and personal with the viewer. You really have to step in close, perhaps half a meter away, to see all the detail in the leaves and flowers.

There have been quite a few red dots on the wall in the gallery which always is such a lovely and humbling feeling. I have added a few homewares and wearables to the exhibition which is new - there are some earrings, brooches, coasters and tea towels in the display cabinet. I think there are still some left if you still plan to visit the gallery in the next week or two. I have a feeling Margot will want me to top up the homewares in time for Easter and more importantly, Mother's Day!

Below you can read my little article from the Examiner. It is quite simple and sweet. Always nice to get a bit of extra exposure!

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