Boho Luxe Market 2020

Last weekend was one of the most hectic weekends to date for 2020. I had a three day market with Boho Luxe which was held in the stunning old museum in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. It was not only a huge few days but the lead up in making the stand for my homewares and art was an event in itself! Luckily I had my lovely fiancé Tim helping me with the stand and to put everything together. But it really was a mad rush as I had a new batch of coasters come in time as well as new journals. So I had to quickly box 100 sets of coasters and label 500 different journals as well as organise my studio, inventory and pack all my stock carefully so it doesn't get damaged. I really forgot how much effort goes into markets!

All in all, it was a great event! I think the stand came together nicely and there were a few things that I would fine tune in future but otherwise I was very happy with it. The grey tones, wood and white really worked nicely together in my aesthetic and it was good to see all my branding and packaging work cohesively together. It was also good to see how all my new work pieced together and how all the botanical plants stood out. As this market was more 'boho' and edging towards hippy, I wanted to incorporate my dreamier designs and artworks. I think this really helped with engaging with the audience. Overall I don't think my work really suited this market as I consider my work luxury boutique homewares and artworks. But as I am new to Brisbane it was really important to try these things and to meet new people. I think as well I really look forward to using my stand again next year and refining everything in time for the April Finders Keepers!

Here are a few photos of my stand and the types of work I had on display at Boho Luxe Market. All of my new notebooks can now be viewed on my website shop. Perfect for travelling, list-making and those New Years resolutions!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and seeing the photos of my latest market! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year! I will be back in 2021 with more news and events.

Take care,

Kate x

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