'Four Figures' Exhibition Brisbane

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

This is my first exhibition in Brisbane and I am really thrilled to be a part of such a vibrantly curated team. This group exhibition 'Four Figures' includes myself and artists; Casey Charles, Donna Malone and Anthony Jigalin. We are four figurative artists that work in vastly different ways. Casey Charles is a realist painter and works with huge canvas portraits. Some of his canvas's are a few metres wide! Donna Malone's work is abstract and figurative. She paints allot of nude figures as well as animals in abstracted forms. Anthony Jigalin's work very abstract, colourful and rather playful. He uses bright, almost fluorescent paints to create figurative narratives. Although each artist in this exhibition is so different, this show really does work! It is almost like you are experiencing four completely separate stories at one time. I would recommend visiting this exhibition and it is on at the Albion Arts Hub until the 8th of November.

Sense of community is so important as an artist. Particularly living with covid-19, connecting with people is integral. I have found that this exhibition has really given me a purpose and sense of direction. It has allowed me to curate my own small body of work, working in a relatively short amount of time, to exhibit again and to see my work up on the wall. It has been quite a while since I last exhibited and I have missed it so much!

Here are some photos of the work and myself in the space. Looking forward to the exhibition opening which happens to be this evening! Fingers crossed it goes well!

I hope you enjoyed this little online exhibition! It is currently being exhibited at Revival Art Design Gallery in Albion, Brisbane. For more info, you can head to my website gallery to view the entire collection:

Kate x

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