La vie en Rosé

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I have alway felt that rosé is the funnest of all wines. I mean, it's colour says it all! So with this in mind, I have been experimenting with some gorgeous pink ink. The Art Print Residency in Arenys de Mar has the most amazing selection of inks to use so I am very much taking advantage as I wouldn't normally use that colour. I think it is important to take that time to play and experiment. After all, it is after all the failures that we find success. But considering my busy Melbourne lifestyle and work commitments, it has been a very long time since I have allowed myself to just enjoy the process.

Inking up photopolymer etching
Photopolymer etching

As well as this, I have enjoyed the process of drinking lots of wine too! Well, maybe not lots, but I have been having a glass here and there. I am not one to drink on my own very often, but this residency has provided me with allot of isolated time to reflect. I found myself sitting in my favourite cafe sipping on a glass of rosé whilst sketching or an artisan beer with salty olives along the sea side.

It has made me think about my busy lifestyle and how I would like a change. It's nice seeing people at the farmers market chatting to one another, buying fresh produce and drinking their morning espresso. This small village brings people together and gives them a sense of purpose. I have been craving that purpose within my own career and I am excited to get back into teaching workshops when I return from my trip. I will be teaching at Box Hill Community Art Centre again and Incinerator Gallery in Moonee Ponds. In both places I will be teaching my Intro to non-toxic printmaking which I really love because it gives beginners and even intermediate students an opportunity to learn the basics.

But to be the teacher, it is sometimes important to be the student! I have been getting allot of technique knowledge from Jordi and Adriadna here at the residency. I have learnt allot about the plate tone and how to remove it from the etching plate so that the background is more clean and precise. I have also learnt how to do photopolymer etching properly and how to do the registration without taking shortcuts. Although I am not sure I want all my prints to be perfect, it is important to embrace alternative ways. This is the real reason why I do these artist residencies - to grow, embrace and hopefully with a little luck inspire others.

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