My Outdoors Studio - Brisbane Spring!

As a Hobartian living in Brisbane, I feel like as it gets closer to Summer I get a slight increase of weather anxiety! But then some days I feel absolutely delighted when we have days like this...

Spring in Brisbane has its moments, sometimes the mugginess is a little claustrophobic but sometimes you get a these warm days with a sea breeze. I find I get the most work done when I am cooler and rugged up in jumpers. The days that we get torrential rain here is my favourite because for just a moment I can pretend it is completely depressing and miserable outside and I can't do anything but cosy up on the couch with a cup of tea.

All in all, the past month has been quite lovely to venture out to see waterfalls in the Tamborine Mountains, visiting the gallery up in Noosa and spending some quality time in the garden painting. The suburb I live in is very pretty and has a reserve which I love taking my dog Ruby to. Flowers are starting to come out here and there are some unusual flowers such as the Trumpet tree which looks like a tree full of daffodils! Also, I am seeing so many sunflowers, bougainvillea and even the Jacarandas are starting to bloom.

Here are some photos of some of the recent work I have been doing and me painting in the garden!

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Kate x

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