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With Valentines Day around the corner, I wanted to do something special and different this time of year. Although I have never really been one to celebrate Valentines day, there is certainly something romantic about it! Whether it may be a time for love, celebrating with friends or a bit of personal pampering, Valentines day can bring the sentimental side out of us. I know that I am a romantic at heart, particularly with my artwork and themes, I definitely flirt with the concept of love and longing. My etchings reflect on the past, on memories, my Polish homeland and travel. I think that longing for places or fantasising about things that may or may not be is particularly suggested within my work. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to artist residencies as it allows me to go on a journey where there is the potential for possiblity.

There is a period in Polish history called Young Poland (Młoda Polska) that I often referenced in practice and particularly my Masters work (2013). This period between 1890 to 1918 referred to a neo-romantic era for artists, writers and musicians to express themselves in what was also considered Poland's Art Neaveau. It was a time where artist's reflected and romanticised about their country. It was the time when arts and crafts flourished and hand painting was heavily embraced. These artists inspired me and perhaps it is one of the reasons I use so much 'red' in my prints. I love how the colour red stores so much emotional meaning...passion, bloodshed, war, love etc. This colour has the ability to also combine all these emotions together. The deep, brooding red tones in my etchings can vary slightly but they all create that feeling of nostalgia, warmth and romance.

Yes, I realise that as I write this I am admittedly a totally big romantic! So in celebration of this and of Valentine's days which is coming up on the 14th of February, I have decided to do a studio print sale. This is something I have never done! I have been doing a bit of a studio clean up and have gone through lots of etchings, some old and some reasonably new. These will be going for very low prices around $50-$150 which is crazy! Some prints are just older designs or may have smaller borders, a few imperfections or marks etc. Each etching is also around A4 size with a couple being A5 size and one A3 as well. I will only have one of each so first in best dressed!

Below you can see all the different etchings that are currently in my sale. Click the image and it will link you to the item in my shop:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Follow the link to shop the sale:


Kate x

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