SALE 'Gothic Dream' Etching

SALE 'Gothic Dream' Etching

Beautiful and contemporary etchings that will add timeless elegance to your walls. These etchings are part of my February studio sale! All of these etching come unframed and wrapped in tissue paper.


For those who don’t know, etching is a historic and traditional technique that uses a strong acid to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface. Evidence of the earliest engraved etchings are believed to date back to Germany, 1445. My etchings are made from either steel or copper and I use a bitumen hard ground to cover my plates which I then hand engrave. Each plate is then dipped into an acid bath and the acid bites away at my delicate lines. I then remove the hard ground layer and I am left with the engraving. Using a high-quality oil-based etching ink, I ink up my etching plate and use tarlatan (which is similar to a cheese cloth) to create soft, sweeping marks on my plate. The tarlatan creates plate tone and gives my etchings a halo effect. I spend allot of time in the inking process to give each etching an individual and unique effect. Once the plate is ready, I prepare my paper that has to be soaked in water beforehand. I dry the paper off and then put it through my etching press. Once printed, I let the layer dry. On some of my etchings I add an extra printed layer, but more often than not I hand paint extensively using watercolours, gouache, black ink, gold leaf pigment and a gloss varnish.


I find my etchings stand out in the printmaking world because every edition set can vary in the inks that I use, the plate tone, paper colour and hand painted elements. This is why I call my etchings ‘Unique State Limited Editions’ because I want to emphasise that they all slightly unique in their own right.


Materials: Etching on Hahnamuhle printing paper 300gsm warm white, Charbonnel etching ink, water colours, gouache, ink, gold leaf.


Postage: Every etching comes unframed and wrapped in tissue paper and sent between card board and extra tissue.


Edition: Each etching is a Unique State, Limited Edition of 20.


Size of Etching: 21 x 29.7 cm etching size.


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