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2020 was a year of challenges and pivoting. I am currently not doing any classes or workshops in person as I have been focussed on exhibiting and developing my printmaking practice. However, I am thrilled to announce that I will be launching my Printmaking for Beginners Workshop kit. This will be released early 2021. This kit will include all the essential equipment for non-toxic dry point etching, lino cut and mono printing. This affordable print kit is a fantastic way to get a taste of each technique before committing to one. No experience needed just your kitchen table!

In future, I do hope to do more workshops in Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart. I also will aim to do more online workshops and video tutorials later this year. If this may interest you, please subscribe to my mailing list to receive the latest news and specials.

Below is a bit of information about various printmaking techniques:


Dry Point Etching

This is a fabulous technique which I love teaching to both adults and children. It is such a versatile technique using a simple piece of plastic that can be hand printed but traditionally used with a high pressure etching press. This can be a great introduction to such a unique way of printing.

As I take you through the basics of how to create an etching, you can later either hand print your etchings or go to a printmaking facility to print your images. There is so many avenues you can explore dry point etching which can include cutting up your plastic into various shapes, hand stamping, layering, mono printing and more!



Lino Printing

Lino is one of those amazing inventions that really allows you to create beautiful and unique lines and textures. You can experiment with different tools which give you a different groove that can vary from round to pointed, allowing for a variety of depth to be produced.

Lino printing is a very accessible and simple way to create a print. I love using a very soft Lino that is easy to carve and doesn't put too much pressure on your hand or wrist. If looked after, these Lino blocks can be used over and over again with printing, layered and stamping.


Mono Printing

This is a wonderful and simple technique particularly for beginners and those who love experimenting and layering. You can cut foam, paper, cardboard and many other surfaces into shapes and print using rollers and ink. It is a fantastic technique to use if you want to layer colours and various techniques including etching, lino, painting or drawing. 

Mono printing can be particularly great for teaching children to do printmaking and the process of working in reverse. Stamping using plastic or foam printing are fun and simple introductory techniques into the realm of printmaking.


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